Eberron is not your typical D&D setting. It combines pulp noir, steampunk and traditional fantasy.

Many of the traditional D&D races are here but not always in the way you would expect. Gone are Tolkienesque Elves. Instead you have the ruthless ex-mercenaries from Valenar or the alien ancestor worshipping Elves from a far off land.

Monstrous races are also not what you might expect. A Goblin you meet on the road is just as likely to help you out as any of the "higher" races. It's just as likely to stab you in the back as well though.

Powerful magic is rare. But lesser magic is common. Magewrights ensure that cities are kept lit at night by magical lanterns. You can travel across the continent of Khorvaire in the comfort of a first class lighting rail carriage. So long as you can afford it.


Check out the Wiki for a list of available Classes and Races

Ashes of the Last War

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