Barbarian – martial fighter with high damage, physical resistance and RAGE

Bard – diplomatic entertainer who mixes arcane magic with duelist fighting

Cleric – heavily armoured war-priest

Druid – One with nature and capable of transforming into a beast form

Fighter – Archetypal warriors

Monk – unarmed combat with blinding speed and Ki abilities

Paladin – Holy warriors

Ranger – Experts with the bow or double blades. Can also wield some primal magic

Rogue – Masters of stealth and deception

Sorcerer – Able to harness raw arcane power through natural ability

Warlock – Granted arcane power through a pact with otherworldly patrons

Wizard – Practitioners of arcane magic through intense study

Artificer [EXPERIMENTAL] – Tinkerers who infuse arcane magic into items and alchemic concoctions


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